Wooden candle set of 3


This is a hand poured natural wooden candles with an eucalyptus scent and Beeswax is naturally poured into the wood and what is amazing is that Beeswax won’t burn the wood untill it is burnt over, woooow, this is so creative and attractive.


Hand poured wooden candles.
All scented in eucalyptus and it is a mosquito repellent
Large: 12 cm of height, 230 grs of scented beeswax and burns 35 hours.
Medium one measures 9 cm of height, 145 grs of scented beeswax and burns 27 hours.
Small one measures 6 cm of height, 85 grs of scented beeswax and burns 17 hours.

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Set, Large, Medium, Small


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