Welcome to ‘Beeutiful Creations’! We’re a Christian social enterprise based in Rwanda. We are committed to supporting beekeepers and their bees by purchasing bee-products and working with artisans to create ‘Beeutiful’ products. We closely partner with the entire supply chain in order to bring about economic, social and spiritual transformation.


We provide retailers in Rwanda the opportunity to sell our products at reduced prices.


We sell in the Azizi Life Studio and Boutique in Kigali and soon online here!

Custom Orders

Looking for a custom product? How about your own branded lip balms or personalised candles?


We’re able to partner with other NGO’s, beekeeping cooperatives and the like to offer sound practical advice on running a bee-based social enterprise.


We strongly believe that our products can  and should be sourced ethically, ensuring our suppliers are paid fair prices for their products and labour. We calculate a fair wage to include the sourcing of raw materials, time spent in production and delivery to our offices. Through working with us, our suppliers are better able to support their families, provide health insurance, and engage in further village-based micro-enterprise schemes. Prices are also set with our suppliers to come to a fair and acceptable figure to both parties. We review our pricing reguarly to ensure our supplier’s circumstances are considered.


Bees are so vitally important and necessary for our environment. Pollination by bees contributes to one third of all fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis. We encourage the use of locally produced Rwandan hives that are made from local natural materials that biodegrade, creating a more natural home for our bees. We also encourage (through training) sustainable harvesting practices to ensure the colony remains intact after harvesting. Locally made  hives also require less intervention by human hands , thus allowing the natural swarming process to take place and for bee populations to increase, as well as minimising transfer of diseases by the beekeeper.


At Beeutiful Creations we take a head, hands and heart approach to help our partners, beekeepers, artisans and employees develop themselves in a holistic way. For us as a Christian social enterprise, this means dealing first and foremost with our partners in a way that reflects God’s love and we are here to help see their hearts draw closer to him. Furthermore, we invest time and energy in ensuring our partners can increase their skills and their knowledge through training in  beekeeping, candle-making, and product development . We constantly strive to see our partners and employees develop and push themselves to achieve the highest quality in their work, but do so in a caring and supportive environment for all who we work with.